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7 Ways to Create 100K Offers Training

When you have been selling your offers at $97, $2k or even $15k… the idea of what would go into a $100K offer sounds enormous, right?

I hear this feedback all the time.  The astonishment.  The excitement.  The disbelieving.

I can hear you saying - “It must be magic.”

But it’s not.  The magic is in a few things:

Confidence.  Capability.  Credibility.

All of these, and a luxury mindset.

So… to help you with this, here are 7 ways to make $100K Offers.  I’m going to be looking at:

  • Events, Retreats and VIP Days
  • Board Appointments & Advisory Positions
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Speaking & Media
  • Joint Ventures, Affiliates & Partnerships
  • Products & eCommerce
  • Sponsorship & Advertising

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100K Events, Retreats & VIP Days

Missing that in-person interaction?

Sigh… I totally understand.  I’m missing hopping on a plane and landing in an exotic location to spend days with my private clients and team.  It feels like it’s been a lifetime since we’ve been able to host this way… but it is coming back… and there are ways to host virtual events and create magical BIG ticket experiences.

So, in the first of my 7 Days, 7 Ways to $100K Offers live series, I’m exploring events, retreats and 100k+ VIP days - both the in-person and virtual kind.

100K Board Appointments & Advisory Roles

For those of us who LOVE getting our hands dirty in a diverse range of businesses, there’s my absolute favorite way to make a $100K+ offer…   Board Appointments and Advisory Roles.

As a mentor, advisor, or board member, you take on a pivotal and powerful role in a company’s growth.

Today, in my 7 Days, 7 Ways to $100K Offers live series, I’m exploring how you can leverage your expertise to secure board, advisory and mentoring positions that pay big time and impact deeply.

100K Coaching & Consulting Opportunities

One of the best ways to leverage your expertise for deep impact and for creating wealth is through the booming coaching and consulting industries.

It’s not as hard as you think to own a niche in this space, especially if you’re brilliant at what you do.  The coaching and consulting opportunities that are available at the luxury end of the market are phenomenal right now.  The highest end of the market is willing to invest in your expertise if it is messaged and packaged well, and you add an element of luxury experience to your offerings.

Today, I’ll be exploring just that:  how you can leverage your expertise to secure $100K+ coaching and consulting roles.

100K Speaking and Media Opportunities

Love to speak?  Want to amplify your message across the globe?  Excellent… you’re in just the right place!

Today, in my 7 Days, 7 Ways to $100K Offers, I’m specifically going to be talking about how to secure $100K speaking engagements and media opportunities.

Not many people are working the market at this level, but we have the secrets and I’m going to share them with you!

So, if you are already a speaker and media spokesperson, or you want to be, then this is your big day.  

Today, I’ll be exploring how you can leverage your expertise to secure $100K+ speaking engagements and media opportunities.

100K Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Affiliations

Partnerships are one of the most rock solid ways of securing $100K offers.  Seriously.  Almost every time I start with a new private client, the first thing we explore are the ways to leverage partnerships, joint venture opportunities and affiliate partnerships to secure BIG offers.

Because, one great partnership could be all of the marketing you need.

Imagine being able to hook up with one great brand - who has the eyeballs of your ideal client - and have an exclusive partnership with them that secures you 7 figures of business on autopilot.  

It’s possible.  It’s that magic.

Today, I’ll be exploring just that:  how you can leverage your expertise to secure $100K+ partnerships that can transform lives (including your own).

100K Product & eCommerce Opportunities

So many of my clients DREAM of having products and eCommerce as part of their product mix.  Developing their own product suite and offering it online seems like a dream come true - but there are massive hurdles to overcome on the way to monetizing this at the highest level.

I am especially qualified to talk about this as my first business was a very large e-commerce company where we designed and manufactured our own product lines for a lifestyle market.

I know a lot about margins, supply chains, technology, and marketing… the ins and outs of actually bringing this to life… and in a way that MAKES BANK.

So, if having your own product line or eCommerce store as part of your audacious business plans is high on your agenda, I’m going to be exploring just that today in my 7 days, 7 ways to $100K offers series.

100K Sponsorships & Advertising Opportunities

As an Influencer, speaker, expert, or author, you can monetize your brand through sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Now, you may be thinking this is just reserved for sports stars, entertainers, and celebrities… and the odd influencer who has amassed a big following through Instagram.

BUT… as an elite expert in your space, there are amazing opportunities to work with brands on advertising and sponsorship.  And, if you have a deep engagement with your audience, they will absolutely want to work with you to leverage this.

Sophisticated.  Elegant.  A beautiful way to connect your brand with their brand, and make the magic happen.

This is what we call becoming a Luxury Influencer - and it has nothing to do with becoming a Kardashian clone, and everything to do with leveraging your expertise and trusted relationship with your audience to connect with niche brands.

Today, I’ll be exploring how you can leverage your expertise to secure $100K+ sponsorships and advertising opportunities with incredible brands.

BONUS: $100k Offer System Case Study Interview - Makhosi | The Royal Shaman

Makhosi is The Royal Shaman for Change-Makers.

As a Spiritual Ascension Master, Human Potential Expert & Authentic African Shaman, Makhosi teaches consciousness expansion & energetic alignment to challenge soul-seekers to drop the mental/spiritual/psychological clutter & finally live a life that feels as good as it looks. 

Makhosi began her journey to her first $100K offer with Business Bravery's $27 $100k Offer System.  She turned that into $250K in a short space of time.  Here is her story.

BONUS: $100k Offer System Case Study Interview - Andrea Albright | Beverly Hills Publishing

Andréa Albright is on a mission to create the next movement for authors and evolve the publishing industry.  She is not just a publisher, she is a Legacy Maker.

Andréa’s first movement took the health and fitness industry by storm. She amassed over 10,000,000+ views on YouTube, was featured on the Women’s Health and Fitness magazine cover, and grew her health business to over 100,000 raving fans.

Since then, she has become the author of 25 books, reaching tens of millions worldwide in over 40 countries.

Now, she has taken her passion for helping authors find the same success by publishing books with meaning.

She is recognized as The Thought Leader Publisher.

Andrea began her journey to her first $100K offer with Business Bravery's group program and quickly became a private client.  She is now consistently selling $100K offers.

BONUS: $100k Offer System Case Study Interview - Alexi Neocleous

Alexi Neocleous is one of the leading direct response copywriters in the world. Alexi is the founder of which creates marketing content for some of the biggest brands online. He has streamlined systems to create amazing content that creates a digital omnipresence for your brand and can be leveraged to increase sales, visibility, authority and influence.  

Alexi began recently created his ultra-premium offer ($250K USD) after watching Kathryn's training and sold one within days of creating it. 

BONUS: $100k Offer System Case Study Interview - Anne Rose Hart

Anne Rose Hart is known as The Genius Whisperer for her pioneering work in the field of human potential and applied neurophysiology over last decade. Anne brings together leading edge research from neurophysiology, developmental psychology, quantum physics, energy medicine, integral theory, and spirituality to help high-achieving business owners, leaders, and visionaries go beyond the confines of financial success and unfulfilling work, to create vibrant lives of purpose, meaning, and joy.

Anne consistently sells packages to her private clients at 6-figures plus.  See her story here.

BONUS: $100k Offer System Case Study Interview - Erin Donovan

Erin Donovan is the owner of Exclusive Private Tutoring and she has helped hundreds of students gain entrance into elite colleges; receive top scholarships; and enter college as confident, self-reliant, and thriving young adults.   In the first month of working with Business Bravery, Erin sold two $50K packages, and has gone on to launch new premium offers to a broader market.  Her offers range now from $100K - $1M.

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