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Laws of Luxury Inner Circle

Laws of Luxury Inner Circle

Leverage Your Expertise To Create A Multi-Million Dollar Legacy Discover the freedom and control that come from embracing your role as a pioneer who leads LUXURY clients.

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Welcome to the Laws of Luxury

Are you ready to rethink everything about business strategy? In this introductory module, Kathryn sets the stage for learnings to come by reminding you that the Laws of Luxury will be the complete antithesis of anything that you learned in business school. She goes on to explain that this series of modules is designed to help you build an iconic brand presence for yourself that will attract luxury-level clients. You’ll take your core philosophies, beliefs, and passions and forge them into a magnetic presence that’s going to last, not just through this lifetime, but also for many, many lifetimes to come. And you’ll do it by using the exact strategy that Kathryn uses with her own clients, a group that includes pioneers and industry-disruptors who are creating extraordinary outcomes.

Iconic Offers & Pricing

When you have been selling your offers at $97, $2k or even $15k… the idea of what would go into a $100K offer sounds enormous, right?

I hear this feedback all the time.  The astonishment.  The excitement.  The disbelieving.

I can hear you saying - “It must be magic.”

But it’s not.  The magic is quite simple.  People pay for proximity to greatness.  Now that you know how to embody the Icon... you are in the perfect position to put together your 100K Offers.  Here we go!

Magical World

It is very important though that you take imperfect action here, and don't let any perfectionist tendencies get in your way. You are creating a list of every touchpoint - Does it represent your iconic brand? If yes, keep it! If no, let's upgrade or tweak!

Live Office Hours - with the Business Bravery team

Each week, Inner Circle members will have the chance to be attend live Office Hours with the Business Bravery team.  You can ask questions about the content, get support for your implementation and access the great minds of our luxury branding and marketing experts.

Here we have the replays of the Office Hours meetings.

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