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Rethink Everything You've Ever Learned About Business Strategy

Discover the genius strategy that will shape your expertise into a dynastic masterpiece.  

If you’re gifted…

If you get extraordinary outcomes...

If you’re ready to take brave action…

Then it’s time to level up your business strategy in a different way.

In a way that allows you to charge BRAVE prices.  $100K, $250K, $350K for ONE offer.  Making a multi-million dollar business VERY. EASY. TO. ACHIEVE.

And, getting the impact you’re looking for too.  Welcome to Business Bravery.

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$100k Offer System Case Studies with Bonuses

Moving to a Premium Offer Suite is very different to a standard offer. Most of the "Gurus" are selling courses, programs and Masterminds for "High Ticket Offers" that are actually the mid-tier offers in our product suite.

Becoming the #1 brand in your space allows you to develop a suite of products and services so you can concurrently serve a broader audience, and go much deeper with a small subset of your audience to achieve masterful transformation.

You attract and convert clients at a much higher level, allowing you to serve more deeply, create greater impact and charge much more for your time. It is our aim for you to spend your time primarily in two areas: deep impact for premium clients, and broad impact with media, speaking opportunities, partnerships and in your community, while developing systems and a team to handle the other deliverables. In our experience, this gives you immense freedom and joy in your business.

And, if you are worried about how you could possibly sell $100k Offers in your business?  Never fear!  We're giving you Case Studies from those who have successfully developed their Premium Offers for your inspiration.

$100k Offer System: How to Attract & Convert Clients for Your $100k Offer


Now that you have your $100K Offer, our video series takes you through the 3 key elements of a $100K premium offer marketing system that will help you find those clients who want to buy your $100K Offers. The Video Series will give you the exact process so you can make that happen, step by step. 

$100k Offer System: $100K Client Roadmap

In this guide, we’re answering one of the biggest questions that people have when they’re first introduced to the concept of selling $100K offers: Where do you get people to drop this kind of money on a product or service? 

INTRODUCING THE $100K CLIENT ROADMAP ($497 VALUE) Grab The Guide To Learn Where You Need To Spend Your Time And How To Talk To Clients Who Will Pay Your Premium Rate For Your Services.  Included Inside The Guide: 

  • How to position your $100K offer with Maverick Messaging 
  • Where your audience hangs out based on your industry 
  • Cold pitch templates that have resulted in $100k clients booked and converted

Luxury Branding & Website Design System

Attracting and converting Luxury-level clients takes extraordinary attention to a luxury branding strategy.  As an elite personal brand, expert, author, coach, consultant or speaker, it's critical you understand the principles of what will attract and convert those $100K+ clients to your world.

Once there, you have the opportunity to create extraordinary impact with them - but without a well-designed brand and website, your chances of achieving elite success at this level is almost nil.

You're in the safest hands possible with Business Bravery.  Kathryn Porritt and the Business Bravery team represent some of the world's most exciting entrepreneurs and lift them to the highest possible levels with their branding, website, offers and marketing.  They are the most elite brands, attracting the most elite clients and having the deepest impact possible -- creating their disruptive legacy.

Luxury Branding & Website Design System: the Maverick Funnel

The Maverick Funnel gives your ideal client a place to understand what you stand for in a quick and easily digestible way.  It’s perfect for booking clients immediately while you’re waiting for your branding etc to catch up to your offers.

In this training, Kathryn takes you through the video and technical set up to make the Maverick Funnel work.

You also receive the Maverick Funnel shared funnel to copy directly into your account via ClickFunnels.

Kathryn and the Business Bravery team

Luxury Sales Conversations: Intentional Sales System

Now you're attracting clients at the Luxury and Premium level, it's now time to talk about how to convert them.  Our resident Sales Strategy guru, Kerry, takes you through the Intentional Sales System.

This is a much less aggressive sales strategy than you may be used to if you have trained with other sales systems.  People at this level are not looking for "fast action bonuses" or false urgency.  

Go get that impact you deserve!

Kathryn, Kerry and the Business Bravery team

Laws of Luxury Inner Circle

The Laws of Luxury is designed to help any CEO, influencer, thought leader or expert learn to embrace the luxury business model to amplify their impact. And since you’re here now, that means you’re gearing up to make that change! You’re one step closer to attracting celebrities, A-listers and ideal clients, AND creating your multi-million dollar legacy. 

The Laws of Luxury Masterclass includes in-depth modules led by Kathryn Porritt, the world’s leading authority on luxury and premium business models for personal brands.

7 Ways to Create 100K Offers Training

When you have been selling your offers at $97, $2k or even $15k… the idea of what would go into a $100K offer sounds enormous, right?

I hear this feedback all the time.  The astonishment.  The excitement.  The disbelieving.

I can hear you saying - “It must be magic.”

But it’s not.  The magic is in a few things:

Confidence.  Capability.  Credibility.

All of these, and a luxury mindset.

So… to help you with this, here are 7 ways to make $100K Offers.  I’m going to be looking at:

  • Events, Retreats and VIP Days
  • Board Appointments & Advisory Positions
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Speaking & Media
  • Joint Ventures, Affiliates & Partnerships
  • Products & eCommerce
  • Sponsorship & Advertising

So, if you are an expert in your field and you want to create a multi-million dollar business in the most sophisticated way possible, this is your perfect place.

The Ultimate Personal Brand Guide

This exclusive branding guide walks you through the exact elements needed to create a luxurious personal brand that stands out from all the rest. Discover the 12 luxury brand archetypes our elite design team uses to craft iconic styling for our high-end clients. From logo design to office setups, color palettes to web design, The Ultimate Personal Brand Guide contains everything you need to step into the life of a True Icon.

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